Chair #1:  America the Beautiful (Bench)
by Samantha Soden
Chair#1 Current Bid $225 as of  July 8th @ 8:30pm


Art Nouvea Chair.jpg
Chair #2 Glam
by Christina Smith
Chair#2 Current Bid $200 as of  July 8th @ 8:30pm


Star Wars Chair.jpg
Chair #3 Yoda
by Laura Gonzales 
Chair#3 Current Bid $200 as of  July 8th @ 8:30pm 

Irish Chair.jpg
Chair #4 Irish Heart
by John Delaney 
Chair#4 Current Bid $150 as of  July 8th @ 8:30pm 

Chair #5 Sunflower
by Manalapan HS Art Students​ Alexis
Chair #5 Current Bid $350 as of  July 8th @ 8:30pm 


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